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Jose Jaime Bisuna

Complete Book Project


Added? Reflection URL 49/50
reflection 1. Is Big Data Corrupting the U.S. Election Process?
Molly Kozlowski
September 8, 2019 
reflection 2. Is Your Use of Cloud Services Heating Up the Earth?
Molly Kozlowski 
August 20, 2019 
reflection 3. The Assange Indictment, Threat to a free Press?
Bastiaan Vanacker
July 8, 2019
  reflection 4. How One Globally-Centered Group is Tackling the Ethical Implications of Image-Based mHealth in Low Resource Settings Nikki Williams
May 28, 2019 

5. The Ethics of Digital Face Swapping

Benjamin van Loon 
April 24, 2019 
reflection 6. Who can be trusted with our personal data? Kate Baucherel
November 19, 2018
reflection 7. Self Driving Car Ethics
Karis Hustad
October 10, 2018
reflection 8. Live streaming & live tweeting: a pragmatic approach to ethical considerations
Bastiaan Vanacker
July 27, 2018

9. The Death Algorithm - Will Google Influence Your Lifespan?

Nikki Williams
July 17, 2018
reflection 10. Digital Supermodels - Fake it Till You Make it

Nikki Williams

June 15, 2018
reflection 11. Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and Why Your Data is Still for Sale
Karis Hustad
June 7, 2018
reflection 12. Sentence by Numbers: The Scary Truth Behind Risk Assessment Algorithms
Nikki Williams
May 7, 2018
reflection 13. The Role of Social Media in Adolescent/Teen Depression and Anxiety
Terri Williams
April 3, 2018
reflection 14. The Logan Paul Question: Teaching Teens Morality through Epic Fails Michael Cullinane
March 21, 2018

15. Facebook is a media company, but what’s a media company

Benjamin van Loon
March 6, 2018
reflection 16. Teachers and Social Media: Join in or Defriend? Michael Cullinane
February 22, 2018
reflection 17. When a Dictator Goes Online
Elena Rodina
February 8, 2018
reflection 18. Is It a Feature? Is It a Bug? No, It's an Antifeature. Owen King  January 16, 2018 


19. The Negative Lottery: Equifax and the Lost Art of Risk Management

David Stockdale
December 11, 2017
reflection 20. Who takes ethical responsibility for social media influence?
Kate Baucherel
November 30, 2017

21. Proximity Marketing: Often Creepy, but It Doesn't Have to Be 

Nora Dunne 
October 26, 2017 
reflection 22. Digital Connect: Sharing Experiences with Parents Benefits Children's Media Literacy
Jabari Evans
October 16, 2017


23. The Ethics of Doxing Nazis Michael Cullinane
October 12, 2017
reflection 24. Social Media in the Wake of Disaster
Nikki Williams
October 12, 2017
reflection 25. Will big business compromise the ethics of artificial intelligence
Kate Baucherel
July 24, 2017


26. Using Facebook to Identify Potential Problem Drinkers, Is It Ever Justified? Terri Williams
July 24, 2017

27. Protecting Leakers in the Digital Age

Bastiaan Vanacker
June 7, 2017
reflection 28. College Entrance Exam – “Nailed It”; Social Media Background Check – “Failed It”
Terri Williams
April 21, 2017
reflection 29. Toward an ethic of personal technologies Rhema Zlaten
April 7, 2017

30. Why We Should Hold Facebook Responsible for Fake News 

David Stockdale  March 22, 2017 
reflection 31. Ranting on Social Media: Innocent Comment Platform or Bully Pulpit?
Terri Williams
February 21, 2017
reflection 32. Snapchat: A Powerful Tool for Gathering and Distributing News
Nora Dunne
January 25, 2017
reflection 33. Online Talent Platforms - A Boon for Workers or Digital Sweatshop?
Nikki Williams
September 7, 2016
reflection 34. The Privacy Setting You Can't Control: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?
Terri Williams
August 18, 2016
reflection 35. Why a Cashless Society Should Scare You
Holly Richmond
July 28, 2016
reflection 36. Pre-Crime Monitoring
Benjamin van Loon
April 28, 2016
reflection 37. Is my data more private than yours?
Kate Baucherel
February 26, 2016
reflection 38. Facebook Unfriends Free Speech
Nikki Williams
February 8, 2016

reflection 39. The Ethics of Social News Gathering
Benjamin van Loon
December 8, 2015
reflection 40. Is Ad-blocking Theft?
Holly Richmond
October 13, 2015
reflection 41. Digital Kidnapping - A New Kind of Identity Theft
Nikki Williams
September 2, 2015
reflection 42. Fraud in the Online Age
John D. Thomas
May 8, 2015
reflection 43. Who Are You Online?
Mary T McCarthy
July 14, 2014
reflection 44. Do Not Track
Marc Davis
February 22, 2013
reflection 45. Oh No. I'm on Google!
Paulina Haselhorst
January 4, 2013
reflection 46. Fair Use Online
John D. Thomas
November 5, 2012
reflection 47. Robot Ethics Isabel Eva Bohrer
March 27, 2012

reflection 48. Purchasing Twitter and Facebook Followers
Isabel Eva Bohrer
March 13, 2012
reflection 49. Web 2.0 Suicide: The Luxury of the 21st Century
Isabel Eva Bohrer April 15, 2011


50. Software Vulnerabilities Jesse Young
April 7, 2011




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