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The Ethics of Doxing Nazis

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The Ethics of Doxing Nazis


Author: Michael Cullinane

Date: October 12, 2017



First Impression: Based on the title, I think the essay is about how we can use doxing for a good purpose.


Quote: “All’s fair when you’re fighting hate.”



The essay talks about the good and bad of doxing people, there are different reasons as to why this happens. The definite purpose is to shame them so that they would stop attending rallies publicly; it was mentioned in the essay that an individual wrote on the Nazi website choosing to lose income from being publically shamed rather than attending a rally. This is the result of doxing Nazis correctly, if done right, creates fear in the movement, else misidentification could happen and spread across social media, causing people who look the same to receive hateful messages and death threats online for the reason of misidentification.


5 Things That I’ve Learned

  1. One must be aware of the choices he makes in public.

  2. We should be rehabilitating hate-filled individuals, and not shaming them.

  3. Doxing Nazis correctly, with no room for error, serves the significant purpose of creating fear in the environment.

  4. Our goal should be to keep the movement at bay and reform those that have subscribed.

  5. There are times where people mistakenly dox the wrong person.

5 Integrative Questions

  1. Why dox rather than invest in programs that serve to educate and rehabilitate those that join a hate movement?

  2. How did the people let this happen?

  3. In what other ways can doxing be helpful in a society?

  4. What are the negative effects of doxing?

  5. What makes people subscribe to a dangerous ideology?

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