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Digital Supermodels - Fake it Till You Make It

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Digital Supermodels - Fake it Till You Make It


Author: Nikki Williams

Date: June 15, 2018

Link: https://www.digitalethics.org/essays/digital-supermodels-fake-it-till-you-make-it


First Impression: The essay probably talks about how digital supermodels are being made through Computer Graphics and how it is taking over the supermodel industry.


Quote: “We can’t be too careful when it comes to setting boundaries between reality and the virtual universe. As CG becomes better and more realistic, the lines between real and virtual will be indistinguishable.



When browsing through Instagram, I’d usually see photos of different models posing in various areas such as beaches, city skylines, roads, and many more. I had no problem identifying whether or not they are real. Now that CG graphics are becoming a thing, it would be kind of difficult determining whether or not the models we see on Instagram are real. Although this would be no problem for others, some may be interested in hitting on the CG and realizing that it is not real. It would be a good idea to sell these models in VR for people that might be interested. With CG models, people can be models at any time without any expense. They would only need knowledge on how to use CG, or they can hire a CG artist, and then they’re good to go. One thing CG would be useful, which is the advertisement for clothing brands and beauty products. With CG, companies would not need to hire models to wear clothes to be advertised. They would also not need to worry about the height and weight of their model since they can customize it with the help of CG. Instead, they can buy a digital model and upload their clothing online for it to wear for advertisement. In conclusion, the use of CG models when advertising products such as beauty products, accessories, clothing, and others is helpful for companies who do not want to pay for models and who are have a difficult time when hiring models due to some requirements they are missing.


5 Things That I Learned

  1. Some models on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are generated with Computer Graphics.

  2. Computer Graphics make digital models look too real.

  3. Some people prefer CG models over real life models.

  4. Some editors enhance body parts of models when editing their photos for advertisements.

  5. Fashion brands pay big money to models with the “right” shapes for their clothing designs.

5 Integrative Questions

  1. Will digital models be the future of modelling?

  2. How can we use digital models positively?

  3. Will CG be really good in the future that it will make more realistic objects come to life?

  4. How do we determine if the model we see is CG or real?

  5. Who is more attractive, a model or a CG model?

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