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The Privacy Setting You Can't Control: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies

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The Privacy Setting You Can’t Control: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?


Author: Terri Williams

Date: August 18, 2016

Link: https://www.digitalethics.org/essays/privacy-setting-you-cant-control-friends-these-who-needs-enemies


First Impressions: The essay probably talks about the privacy setting we can’t control which is our friends. Since people can just ask them about you and they can give a detailed explanation of who you are to them.


Quote: “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.”



Going back to the time when the internet and data privacy was not such a big deal, when applying for a job your social media account was not needed social media was not even a thing. You just had to submit your resume and then you are good to go for the job interview, no need to check anything else. Today, social media is, what I think, considered to be part of one’s resume when applying for a job. An applicant’s social media profile must be organized and clean, showing his/her accomplishments in life. Social media posts are also being carefully monitored by the employer, since this may show what character you may portray inside the work area. It is also surprising that some companies ask for applicant’s login credentials when applying for jobs. Some online job applications will not even allow individuals to submit their applications unless they gave them access to their social media accounts, what happened to data privacy? And why do they ask for access to applicant’s accounts? Employers should respect the privacy of their applicants, and should not ask for access to their accounts simply because it is unethical and it is downright illegal. Applicants should think twice before giving employers access to their accounts, also consider that it is an online application. There are chances that the person who they think they are talking to is not the person they think they are talking to. Leading to their account getting hacked. In conclusion, when applying online, one should be careful and think about who they are giving their details to because anything can happen online.


5 Things I Learned

  1. Social media, today, is part of our resume.

  2. Some companies ask for applicants’ login credentials when applying for jobs.

  3. Some online job applications won’t allow individuals to submit their applications unless they have authorized social media access and provide login credentials.

  4. There is a thing called shadow profiles, that Facebook makes.

  5. It only takes one friend or colleague to create vulnerability.

5 Integrative Questions

  1. Should we start adding achievements in our social media for companies to recognize us more?

  2. Can social media be considered as a modern resume?

  3. Should employers consider the privacy of their applicants when thinking to view their social media to check if they are fit for the job?

  4. What happens to people that do not have social media when applying for a job?

  5. Why do companies ask for applicants’ login and password information?

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